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dallas Laminate Flooring

Dallas TX Laminate Flooring

Dallas Laminate Flooring offers a full line of laminate flooring.

You probably already know that laminate flooring comes in different designs and colors. But did you know that it also comes in different textures, edge types, features, and installation types? We are still just barely scratching the surface there. Your options for laminate flooring are endless. Dallas Laminate Flooring offers the complete line.

Since the options are numerous, we should focus on learning the different designs available in Dallas Laminate Flooring to choose from.

Types of Laminate Flooring Based on Designs:

Generally, when choosing laminate flooring, a client usually has a particular design fixed in mind. The most common designs of laminate flooring are the following:

Laminate flooring was developed as a cheaper alternative to natural wood. Customers can choose from dozens of wood species in varying shades. The most popular designs mimic oak, mahogany, chestnut, birch, and applewood.

To achieve the look and feel of natural stone, laminate flooring in this design comes in various colors, textures, dimensional depths, ridges, and indentations. The most popular options are granite, slate, cobblestone, and limestone.

Laminate flooring in this design comes in planks or tiles that are snapped together. This achieves the look of ceramic or marble flooring.

Though uncommon, metal-looking laminate flooring is also available in the market today. Dallas Laminate Flooring customers can choose from steel and aluminum in different hues and textures.
Our Products’ Features

Next to the design, customers like to look at features next to narrow down their choices. Though laminate flooring is versatile and can be installed on any flooring top, certain product features should still be significantly considered. The features help a customer determine whether a specific product is appropriate for the environment intended for it.

In our lines, customers can choose products with the following features: waterproof laminate flooring types, water-resistant types, scratch-resistant, noise resistant, impact-resistant, high-traffic resistant, fire-resistant, UV resistant, impact-resistant, easy to install, and no waxing or polishing required.

Our Best Seller:

From our vast flooring options, our line of Laminate Wood Flooring TX sells like hotcakes, and for a good reason! The choice is almost limitless when it comes to the designs. Customers who prefer the conventional designs can choose oak in red or white or choose maple that comes in pale to reddish-brown hues. Those who prefer a more rustic look can never go wrong with pine. Laminate Wood Flooring TX offers mahogany, tigerwood, bamboo, cherry, and walnut designs for those with a more exotic taste.

In addition to the variety of designs it offers, the list of this product line’s features also makes it the most sought after among other laminate flooring products. This product line is pretty versatile owing to its water, slip, and impact-resistant characteristics.

Installing Laminate Flooring

Since laminate flooring comes in planks or tiles, anyone with the time and patience can install them on any type of floor without the need for special tools. However, customers can ask help from our flooring specialists to have them installed professionally. Having laminate flooring installed professionally can ensure accurate measurements, even placement, proper sealing of joints, and a flawless-looking floor! Improperly installed laminate flooring can possibly lead to mold growth, buckling, swelling, and a myriad of other issues that require a costly repair or replacement.

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